Chips, Dips and Dorks - The 80's Movie Podcast

Cents and Terror Dome Tony give us another installment of the CDD Holiday Classic!

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Not many people remember this holiday movie from 1984... but we do!

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Cents a Tony take a look at this Eddie Murphy classic.

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It was the episode you knew we would do.  A look at Season Two of the Netflix phenomenon.

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This week, the gang takes a look at a movie with a GIGANTIC cast of the biggest stars from the 1980's... including the Rat Pack!

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The 200th Episode of CDD is here! To celebrate, the gang discusses the sequel to one of their favorite all-time films!

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We’re back! After a bit of travel the cast officially reunites to discuss this classic Madonna film and get ready for the upcoming milestone 200th episode!  

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To celebrate Halloween the Dorks introduce Terror Dome Tony and 2cents’ exclusive interview with Tome of Bill author Rick Gualtieri; and the countdown to Stranger Things Season 2 is ON!

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The dorks take a look at this 80's film that was a tribute to the fashion and dance craze of the day!

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2cents, Jen and Terror Dome Tony connect via satellite for a very scary evening chat to discuss the terrifying Cujo from 1983 and 2017's recent smash horror hit, IT. What do the films have in common? Stephen King! 

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